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Polis Analysis was founded for one simple reason: to help individuals navigate the political world. The impartial, fact-based and accessible analysis delivered by our global team offers an alternative to the increasingly polarising and partisan perspectives offered by traditional media. Fake news is spreading at an alarming rate, and the threat misinformation poses to our democracies is clear. Add in the chaos and confusion that characterises international politics and the case for delivering factual analysis on how developments are impacting the lives of individuals is overwhelming.

We had to come up with something completely different to stand out and deliver something meaningful in an already crowded field of outlets covering politics. That is why individuals, not large multinational corporations, had to be at the heart of our analysis.

To deliver a radically alternative way of covering politics, we were convinced that we had to build an inspirational team. A team that would standout and be able to offer a refreshingly different approach to political analysis. We are extremely proud to have built a global team of experts, entirely of under 30s. Having a young team ensures we can combine recently acquired academic rigour with professional impartiality to our work. Most importantly, we are a social impact organisation entirely made up of volunteers who are driven to deliver on the Polis Analysis mission.


Polis Analysis is a mission-led organisation. Our six-point mission defines who we are, what we do and what we stand for:​

  1. We are committed to helping individuals, not large corporations, navigate a volatile and unpredictable political world. We get straight to the point and explain what’s in it for you when analysing global political developments. 

  2. Our analysis is entirely fact-based to counter the spread of misinformation.

  3. We make politics accessible. Our work is free of jargon, free of ads and free of charge. 

  4. Our stance is strictly impartial in order to counter the growing polarisation and partisanship in mainstream media. 

  5. We are committed to empowering young people - the next generation of leaders - to navigate the political world as they are more exposed to fake news online, have fewer resources to stay informed and are less politically engaged. 

  6. Informed citizens make for healthier democracies. Polis Analysis believes individuals have the right to be informed about the political decisions impacting their lives.

Polis Analysis is at the service of individuals, and our aim is to empower citizens with the knowledge they need to navigate global politics. We are not here to influence; we are here to inform.

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Polis Analysis

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