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Keep your workforce informed on the political issues shaping your business

Polis Intelligence Briefings
Corporate Licences

Political developments have never had such an impact on the performance of businesses as today. From 3 different prime ministers in just 7 weeks leading to instability in markets and affecting economic performance, to increasing regulation impacting the tech sector, the environment in which your business is operating is being shaped by politics.

Keep your workforce informed on the political issues shaping your business. Better informed teams will make for improved decision-making and an increased awareness of the developments shaping your industry. Knowledge is power so empower your workforce with access to incisive, fact-based analysis on the political issues that matter to your business.

Polis Analysis is a start-up provider of quality political analysis enjoyed by thousands of readers in 100 countries. Our political intelligence is delivered by a team of experts working in Westminster, the European Union, big tech companies, political consultancies and as lobbyists for FTSE100 companies.

Five topics each week

Our work is read by leading CEOs and business leaders, influential politicians, award-winning journalists and first-class academics. Ensure your teams join their ranks and gain access to the following specialised briefings every day:


  • UK Politics: Stay up to date with expert analysis on political developments shaping the UK, brought to you by those at the heart of Westminster and our Brussels team to understand the UK’s post-Brexit relationship with Europe and the wider world.

  • Technology and Misinformation: The technology sector is the future of our economies and will transform how we live, work and interact. Understand the opportunities tech presents as well as the dangers of online misinformation, brought to you by our experts with a background in big tech and our designated fake news research unit. 

  • China in the World: Stay informed on how China is shaping geopolitics with consequences for us all, from investing heavily in Africa to competing with Europe on the technology race and threatening Taiwan’s future independence.

  • Climate and Conflict: Get incisive analysis on the under the radar developments missed by mainstream media shaping our climate and how these are causing conflict, from droughts causing civil unrest to companies competing for ESG oriented investors. 

  • Youth Affairs: As a team of young people delivering political analysis for a young audience, we are determined to highlight the intergenerational unfairness at the heart of policy making. This briefing will dissect the challenges young people face, from getting on the housing ladder to entering a competitive labour market. 

  • Polis Press Review: The mainstream media headlines are unpacked every week with our press roundup, where we analyse what’s in it for you when it comes to the key stories in the media.

To find out more about how our corporate licences for the Polis Intelligence Briefing service are priced, contact us at Please do not hesitate to email our team with any questions!


Your workforce can also sign-up to our completely free Polis Daily Briefing to complement the specialised intelligence briefings delivered to our paid subscribers. 


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