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What to expect

Short read 
The Daily Briefing can be read in just three minutes. We provide you with an impartial overview of an important political development, be it an update in EU policy towards the regulation of big tech or the latest on the Israeli election cycle, all in the length of time it takes to brush your teeth.


At a glance 

We provide a short and clear overview of the political development and detail the actors involved to help you understand what is happening and why it matters to you.

What is happening? 

The Daily Briefing delivers impartial insights on meaningful political developments which all too often fall off the radar. We go beyond simply recounting political events: we analyse them.


What is in it for you? 
Events shaping global politics often feel distant from daily life. While traditional media outlets explain what is going on in politics, we go one step further and bring international developments closer to daily life. Whether it’s money in your pockets or the quality of the air you breathe, we translate complex political events in simple terms and give them real life meaning.

What happens next? 

This section provides our readers with a likely roadmap of what to expect next. Our analysts use their expertise to anticipate future political trends in the short, medium and longer term, making sure our readers are always one step ahead.

Our Daily Briefing does a daily deep dive into a single political issue. By combining the deep dive offered by the Daily Briefing into one development a day with our other services, you will gain a complete overview of the issues that matter.

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