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Watch this short video on why the Polis Intelligence Briefing is a unique service that can help you to navigate the political world 

Combined with the deep dive offered by the Daily Briefing into one development a day, you will gain a complete overview of the issues that matter.

While the Daily Briefing does a daily deep dive into a single political issue, the Intelligence Briefing offers a daily horizon scan of multiple key events, giving you a truly global perspective on the issues that matter.


The Intelligence Briefing offers a daily horizon scan of the issues spanning all continents, from economic developments to environmental and security challenges, equipping you with a truly global perspective

Ultimately, our volunteer-run organisation needs your support to keep the Polis mission alive. By signing up to the Polis Intelligence Briefing, your subscription will enable us to continue to deliver our fact-based analysis of global politics to thousands of readers in 99 countries. 


All funds raised from the Polis Intelligence Briefing will go directly into fighting fake news with facts and keeping the next generation informed about the issues affecting our lives. 


Stay informed while making a positive social impact. Sign up now so we can keep going and help thousands to navigate the political world. 

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Nothing is more important to us at Polis Analysis than our active community of political enthusiasts. It is because of YOU we continue to deliver impartial, fact-based, and accessible analysis of global politics, detailing what is happening, why it matters, and what to expect next. 

Here at Polis Analysis, we do things differently, and THIS is just the beginning. As of now, we are gearing up for the next step in our journey. The Polis Intelligence Briefing is our way of giving back to YOU

With the Daily Briefing we have given you DEPTH on the issues we know matter, and as we want to do more for our readers, the Polis Intelligence Briefing gives you BREADTH, covering the most pressing issues of the day so you will get the full picture. 

Provides you with everything you need to know to navigate a volatile and unpredictable political landscape in just 4 minutes!

Travel planning

Covers issues from across all continents; geopolitical to technological to national, giving you a 360 degree view of global politics. Every day. 

Stock Exchange

Enhances the commercial awareness of our professional readers while building on the education of our student audience. 

Taking Notes

Relates political events to our lives, setting ourselves apart from traditional political coverage by explaining what is in it for you

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