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Advisory Board

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Claire Rewcastle Brown

Clare is a renowned environmental and anti-corruption activist, published author, blogger and advocate journalist. She is the founder and editor of the Sarawak Report website. Clare’s investigations resulted in the exposure of the 1MDB Development Fund corruption scandal in Malaysia, the largest on record. As a long-standing supporter of Polis Analysis, Clare brings heavyweight journalistic experience to our Advisory Board to support us in our mission of combating fake news and empowering people with quality, factual analysis. 

“It is great to participate in this vigorous, young and independent media outlet. Polis Analysis has taken on the tricky issues we need to get right for the next generation with fearless determination.”

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Mario Creatura

Mario has held senior positions in leading political consultancies and as a lobbyist for leading international businesses. He is currently the Public Affairs Director at MHP Group alongside his elected councillor role. Mario was a Special Adviser to Prime Minister Theresa May and focussed on digital communication. Mario brings expertise on misinformation as well as deep experience in analysing global political trends to the Polis Advisory Board.

“Every day we are bombarded by huge quantities of information, so much so that it can be tricky to sort the trustworthy sources from the fake news peddlers.

That’s why I’m pleased to support Polis Analysis. The team are determined to fight misinformation, sharing reliable and fact-based analysis so that we can all make up our own minds free from manipulation.”


Nicholas O'Shaughnessy

Professor Nicholas O'Shaughnessy is an Emeritus Professor of Communication at Queen Mary, University of London. He is a Quondam Fellow of Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, and has previously been a professor at Keele University and Brunel University. Nicholas is currently authoring a book on truth and brings academic rigour to Polis Analysis’ efforts to combat fake news. 

“Polis Analysis is doing excellent work in furthering our understanding of the tenacity of fake news, despite the ease of its exposure. It is a threat to democracy, a toxic sludge, and this at least is a cause in which left and right can unite. Polis seeks explanatory richness- why has this happened, but what are the practical methods by which we can protect ourselves. Here indeed is a fine enterprise for our time and we must cheer them on in their great task.”


Jan Kees Van Heusde

Jan Kees has held leadership roles in the field of Global Asset Management. His nearly 40 year career in asset management included executive roles at Schroders and Capital Group. Jan Kees currently holds numerous non executive director positions at financial organisations. Throughout his career, Jan Kees has developed an intimate understanding of the world of finance and is well placed to advise Polis Analysis on how geopolitical developments impact financial markets.

“Geopolitical developments have become increasingly volatile and unpredictable. Their impact on financial markets can be seismic and have real consequences for the financial health of businesses and their workforces. I am delighted to support Polis Analysis, an organisation that understands how to deliver thoughtful political intelligence and analyse how politics impacts the global economy and the business community.”

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