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Fake News Observatory

Our Ongoing Campaign 

Polis Analysis has been campaigning to build awareness of the threat of fake news, misinformation and disinformation to democracy and public health, as well as for UK policy makers to adopt the solutions we have researched to mitigate the threat. 

Our campaign has focussed on how young people, who disproportionately consume news on social media compared to other age groups, are particularly vulnerable to harmful fake news content online. 

As part of our campaign to fight fake news, Polis Analysis has submitted evidence to the UK Parliament on the need to take legislative action to tackle online misinformation. We have undertaken our own independent research on this vital issue and have raised awareness by publishing in national media and delivering talks at universities. 

Polis Analysis is partnering with like-minded organisations that share our core belief that people must be empowered with the facts, not fake news. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our campaign to fight fake news, either as a partner or to enquire about joining our Fake News Research Unit. 

Campaign Activity

3 Jun 2024

The Threat of Disinformation Ahead of the UK General Election

A Rise in Fake News: Polis Analysis holds a mission to provide high quality and impartial analysis of global politics which is dependent on the ability to separate fact from fiction. In a world of ever-advancing capabilities, historically low trust in the press, and widespread access to near-infinite digital resources, this is a task that has become increasingly difficult to complete.

11 May 2024

Our Message to NATO: Take Disinformation Seriously

On Monday, Thomas Barton will be representing Polis Analysis at NATO’s Youth Summit in Miami just one month after NATO celebrated its 75th anniversary. The Alliance was forged in the aftermath of the Second World War to deter future aggressors from weakening Europe’s security.

2 May 2024

Polis Analysis is pleased to hear that the European Commission (EC) has opened formal proceedings against Meta under the Digital Services Act (DSA)

The EC alleges that Meta has failed to address “disinformation campaigns and coordinated inauthentic behaviour”, failed to provide “an effective third-party real-time civic discourse” and an “easy to access and user-friendly” mechanism to flag illegal content, while illegally "demoting political content in the recommender systems” of Facebook and Instagram.

7 Nov 2023

The Next Frontier in the Fight Against Disinformation

With a backdrop of the UK Online Safety Bill which misses out on any significant provisions to explicitly target misinformation (unintentionally spreading news that is false) and disinformation (a deliberate attempt to proliferate false news for an agenda), and ahead of Rishi Sunak’s global AI governance summit next week, the fight against disinformation faces its next monumental challenge: generative AI.

20 Sept 2023

Polis Analysis welcomes the Online Safety Bill reaching its final stages in Parliament

Polis Analysis welcomes the passage of the Online Safety Bill through its final stages in Parliament. While the Bill does not go far enough in tackling online disinformation, the Bill at least represents a first legislative attempt by the Government to address the important issue of disinformation.

16 May 2023

Summary of Vuelio’s webinar ‘Why we need to take online misinformation and disinformation seriously’ with our Founder and CEO, Thomas Barton

In Vuelio’s webinar ‘Why we need to take online misinformation and disinformation seriously’, Thomas Barton, our Founder and CEO, shared the problems we face as a society with fake news, predictions for how it could impact politics, business and health, and the vital role of PR practitioners in the fight for truth. You can read a summary of the webinar below.

11 May 2023

The Fight Against Fake News Is Not Lost: How PRs Can Combat Misinformation and Disinformation

‘I don’t think we’re in a post-truth world yet, but we need to act now to avoid that worst-case scenario,’ believes Polis Analysis CEO and Founder Thomas Barton.

23 Mar 2023

Polis Survey on Fake News

Polis Analysis has been researching the issue of online misinformation and we have produced our own research findings into the attitudes of young people towards fake news. Below are the key Polis research findings based on surveys conducted with hundreds of young people in their twenties across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

14 Mar 2023

The Government is Announcing £20m of Funding for BBC World Service to Tackle Disinformation

The Polis Analysis team is happy to see that –  as part of the investments into safeguarding the UK from outside forces –  disinformation is seriously being seen as a legitimate threat to the security and stability of our society.

28 Feb 2023

The Fight Against Misinformation, Disinformation, and Fake News Is Just Beginning: Interview with Polis Founder Thomas Barton

It is the long-term threats that we need to be most concerned about – every day, we are feeling the corrosive impacts of misinformation, but its effect on society and democracy will only fully show in the longer term.

16 Jan 2023

Briefing to Members of Parliament:
Strengthen the Online Safety Bill to Tackle Misinformation

Dear Member of Parliament, the Online Safety Bill presents a unique opportunity to tackle harmful content online and protect vulnerable people including children.

13 Jan 2023

The Government Can No Longer Ignore the Dangers of Fake News

The widely debated Online Safety Bill might soon be enacted into UK law. However, it unfortunately overlooks one very covert, but crucial form of harmful online content: fake news.

12 Jan 2023

Briefing on the Threat of Online Misinformation

Whilst all referring to different aspects of a broader issue, it is important to recognise the terms fake news, misinformation and disinformation are often used interchangeably.

9 Jan 2023

Public Statement on Education Reform

Last week Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced to make maths lessons compulsory for all students up to 18. However, we believe that the Government is missing a huge opportunity for additional reform to the education curriculum.

21 Sept 2021

Online Safety Bill: Written evidence submitted by Polis Analysis (OSB0108)

We submitted evidence to the pre-legislative parliamentary scrutiny committee calling for a holistic approach to tackling online misinformation.

16 Dec 2020

Youth Are Not Immune From Fake News

While misinformation – ‘fake news’ – is often seen as a generational problem, such a simplification is both dangerous and deceptive.

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