Polis Analysis offers an alternative to partisan media by providing  rigorous, fact-based and impartial analysis of political developments that you may not have heard of, but that matter

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Daily deep dive into a single political issue each morning

Polis Intelligence Briefing

Daily horizon scan of the most pressing issues facing each continent

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Fact-Based Analysis

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Polis Podcast

Delivered every Friday, the Polis Podcast covers the key international issues shaping our lives. Our Founder will bring to you insightful conversations every week with relevant experts and guests. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

About Us

Polis is a provider of high quality analysis of global politics with teams based in the heart of political capitals including London, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Washington D.C. and Hong Kong. Our next generation team of experts bring a fresh and innovative approach to political analysis, which is delivered in an impartial, fact-based and accessible way.


Political developments across the world can often feel remote from daily life. Our diverse range of analysis shows how these developments affect you. We equip you with the knowledge you need to cut through the chaos and confusion, and more easily navigate the political world.

We overcome the complexity of following an endless flow of political developments by getting to the point and writing in an accessible way.


We tackle the monopoly of big business’ access to political analysis by tailoring our work specifically to individuals.


There is a gap in the public information market for fact-based, impartial and accessible analysis of global politics. The Polis Analysis mission exists for one reason: to fill that gap.

What Makes Us Unique

The political media space is a crowded field. However, media coverage of international politics is increasingly polarised and partisan in recounting stories. Even those consultancies that provide rigorous analysis instead of sensationalist media coverage deliver it to the exclusive preserve of big corporates and wealthy clients.

At Polis Analysis, we do things differently. Our next generation team is uniquely placed to deliver a new way of covering global politics. We don’t simply recount political stories, we analyse them to explain their significance to your life.

"It has been great to participate in this vigorous, young and independent media outlet. Polis Analysis has taken on the tricky issues we need to get right for the next generation with fearless determination." 

Clare Rewcastle Brown,
British Investigative Journalist

Our Mission

Polis Analysis is a mission-led organisation. Our 06-point mission defines who we are, what we do and what we stand for:

Polis Analysis is at the service of individuals, and our aim is to empower citizens with the knowledge they need to navigate global politics. We are not here to influence; we are here to inform.


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We are always looking for talent so if you are interested in joining our team as an analyst or to represent us at your university and you want to help others navigate the political world, then please contact us.