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Introducing Polis Patron

 Polis Patron is an exclusive subscription service aimed at individuals looking to receive a greater variety of quality political analysis that is free of ads, free of jargon and free of partisan bias. Patron subscribers will be able to access exclusive content through the Polis Analysis app and website: from daily round-ups of global political developments, concise daily articles, guest interviews, explanatory videos and events, there is something for everyone. 


Why Polis Patron?

Polis Patron goes above and beyond conventional political analysis, with an interactive multimedia delivery guaranteed to suit everyone's needs.

Becoming a Patron allows you to navigate the complexities of the political world through in-depth and high quality content that keeps you up-to-date on the issues that matter.

Whether you’re on the go or just need a political refresh at work, in the library or to impress your friends over coffee, you can access our content anytime, anywhere.  

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Polis Patron Features

In-Depth Articles

Longer reads covering key regions 

Intelligence Briefing

On key regional developments



Ask questions to our team of analysts and researchers

Exclusive Interviews

Policy makers, journalists & other leading voices



Engaging explanatory videos 



Thought provoking events with guest speakers 

Quarterly Reports

Your guide to stay one step ahead of global politics 

Polis Analysis App

For iOS, Android and on the web 

A Closer Look at Polis Patron

Intelligence Briefing

​Polis Patrons enjoy exclusive access to our daily Intelligence Briefings:

This exclusive feature ensures you are constantly informed on daily global political developments, through our snapshots on what is happening and what is in it for you, in relation to important regional political events, as well as elections, votes, summits and more.

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Exclusive Interviews

Polis Patron includes insightful interviews with influential political, business and academic figures. We bring to Patrons what is at the forefront of the minds of those shaping global politics



Daily Briefings

Polis Patrons can dive deeper into the issues they care about with our longer reads.

In just 5 minutes you can become better informed about the developments shaping politics across the globe and what they mean for you


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Monthly Q&As

You ask, we answer. 


Enjoy unique access to a dedicated team of regional experts on hand to answer your questions on the political issues that matter to you. 


At Polis Analysis, we truly believe that political analysis should be accessible to anyone - regardless of their financial situation. For £4.99 a month (with discounts for students), you can support Polis Analysis in continuing to deliver analysis of international politics that is free of ads, free of charge and free of editorial bias from activist investors. All while enjoying a wide range of quality political analysis at your fingertips. 


When you choose to become a Polis Patron, you are choosing to keep Polis Analysis going, you are choosing quality political analysis products, you are choosing to empower the next generation so they can make informed political choices, you are choosing to fight fake news. Ultimately, you are choosing to help individuals navigate the political world.

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