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Our Story

I founded Polis Analysis for one simple reason: to help individuals navigate the political world. The impartial, fact-based and accessible analysis delivered by our global team offers an alternative to the increasingly polarising and partisan perspectives offered by traditional media. Fake news is spreading at an alarming rate, and the threat misinformation poses to our democracies is clear. Add in the chaos and confusion that characterises international politics and the case for delivering factual analysis on how developments are impacting the lives of individuals is overwhelming.

I knew I had to come up with something completely different to stand out and deliver something meaningful in an already crowded field of outlets covering politics. That is why individuals, not large multinational corporations, had to be at the heart of our analysis.

To deliver a radically alternative way of covering politics, I was convinced that I had to build an inspirational team. A team that would standout and be able to offer a refreshingly different approach to political analysis. I am extremely proud to have built a global team of experts, entirely of under 30s. Having a young team ensures we can combine recently acquired academic rigour with professional impartiality to our work. Most importantly, we are a social impact organisation entirely made up of volunteers who are driven to deliver on the Polis Analysis mission.

                        - Thomas Barton, CEO of Polis Analysis


Our Team

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Thomas Barton

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Thomas Barton founded Polis Analysis in October 2019. Thomas is responsible for the management and strategic direction of Polis Analysis. Alongside his role as CEO at Polis Analysis, Thomas works in external affairs at a leading FTSE top twenty multinational company. Thomas has a wealth of international professional experience in the political sphere, having worked in the UK Parliament, in political consulting firms and in a UK political party. He also held numerous youth Chairman positions at a UK political party during his studies. Thomas has a BA History degree from University College London (UCL) and an MSc European Politics degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

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Rohit Anand

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Rohit Anand is Head of Legal, Finance and Operations at Polis Analysis. Rohit has obtained a range of professional experience in the legal and political sphere, having worked in a multitude of multinational and medium sized law firms and as a pro-bono legal advisor. He also has experience in working in the UK Parliament. Alongside his studies, Rohit held roles in UK youth politics. Rohit has a BA Politics and East European Studies degree from University College London (UCL) and an MA Law degree from the University of Bristol.

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Geremia Lizier-Zmudzinski

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Geremia Lizier-Zmudzinski is Lead Editor at Polis Analysis. He holds a B.S. in Economics from the University of Puget Sound and resides in Seattle, Washington, where he has lived for three years, working in management consulting and tech. Geremia believes very strongly that the world needs more media companies committed to impartial political analysis, which is why he works at Polis.

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Anne-Caroline Gauter

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Anne-Caroline Gauter is Head of Content at Polis Analysis. She holds a bachelor degree in history, economics and politics focusing on Russia and the CIS region from UCL. She recently completed a double master degree in international affairs at Peking University (PKU) and London School of Economics (LSE). Anne-Caroline has work experience in several countries including France, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Russia. She chose to join Polis Analysis because she strongly resonates with the company’s mission and values. She believes it is important to work on tackling fake news and to connect international affairs and geopolitics to the citizens level.


Join Us

Believe that politics matters. Committed to fighting fake news. Fed up with the polarising effects of partisan media. Driven to make a difference.

If this resonates with you, we would welcome you to apply to one of our teams to help empower individuals to navigate the political world. We offer a wide range of roles which are intellectually stimulating, provide real development opportunities and are critical to delivering the Polis Analysis mission.

We offer a number of diverse roles in our Content and Operations teams. 

Please note that all of our available positions are voluntary and undertaken remotely.


Editor: drive forward our new product initiatives, be responsible for quality control and lead on program development for reports, papers and events. 


Analyst: deliver regular written analysis on international political developments, share your regional insights and represent Polis at external events.

Researcher: lead our political monitoring and topic selection, and produce regular written, visual and audio analysis for our subscribers.


Marketing and Business Development Lead: run our communication channels, develop our brand and build our reach. 


Growth Lead: expand our readership base through creative growth strategies. 


External Communications and Engagement Lead: develop our communication strategy and cement our brand and reputation in the political world.


Digital Lead: build and maintain our digital footprint.

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